Honoring Earth Day: Observing Yellow-crowned Night Herons

Yellow Crowned Night Heron

“Yellow-crowned Night Herons are thankfully protected birds in Connecticut and reside near Long Island Sound, marshes and streams in my home town of Rowayton Connecticut. I find them fascinating (no surprises there), and spotted 8 or more last evening as they occupied year-old nests high in the treetops, or arranged a new nest. Some trees had a mating pair sitting on a limb near the nest, and other trees had one bird showing its turf. These herons consume fish and can be seen wading in the water, looking for a meal. Under the nests, their white-colored, fish-smelling excrement is seen on the roads near the beach, so we know where to step aside when walking through town, and residents know where they shouldn’t park cars. Cooperation means life around us gets a chance to thrive. What a liberating thought.”- Priscilla Feral, President of Friends of Animals

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